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ANALOG MANDATE EXPIRING: The FCC mandate that has sustained the analog cellular sys


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The T200 Output Controller is a state of the art remote monitoring miracle. This unit has all the benefits of our T200 tank monitor with GPS, Temperature, up to 4 tank levels, but it also is packed with two very robust relays so that you may remotely control your assets. We use a very simple and time- proven modbus protocol to interface with the monitor via our web portal. Simply log into your LevelCon account More..
Quality Control

The policy of the SENA Corporation is to provide a Quality Control Program that verifies implementation of the requirements of contractual obligations.
The Director of Quality Assurance, who reports to the President, is responsible for establishing and maintaining the policies and practices to provide assurance that field construction activities on all projects meet the applicable quality requirements of the contract documents. The primary objective of the Quality Control Program is to be a compatible extension of the contractual inspection and testing requirements, to insure the quality of the constructed project and to contribute to efficient productivity.
The basis and success of our Quality Control Program is in the skills provided and implemented by our project managers, engineers, supervisors, craftsmen who carry out the construction work.
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