About Us

Our Company:

  SENA Corporation is a USA based globally operating company headquartered in Dallas, TX with offices in Puerto Rico and Pune, India. SÉNA offers its clients a superior level of professional support, service, and commitment. Our staff at SÉNA is Client focused on providing tailored solutions that ensure both “first time” and “on time” successful delivery and operations of our products.

Our Services:

We provide multiple levels of service:

  • Tank level monitoring – diesel, gasoline, LPG, oils, lubricants, fuels, chemicals, specialty gases, to include industrial-sized tanks of liquid & gases, etc.
  • Backup Generator monitoring and control – General, Cummins, Kohler, Briggs, and Stratton, etc.
  • School bus, transit buses, student tracking with video surveillance.
  • GPS tracking and reporting, Geo-fencing, Speed, direction, alarms, etc.
  • Wi-Fi , cellular and/or satellite-based reporting
  • Trailer monitoring – Detection and remote video of trailers to include inspection monitoring estimated time of arrival (ETA).
  • Fleet monitoring – Real-time information about vehicle and driver.
  • Oil field equipment – Well pumps, chemical injection, oil and water tanks, fuel tanks, pumps, flow, etc.
  • Asset Tracking – Transports, used oil trucks, water, and chemical delivery trucks, etc.
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring – Examining water content in the soil, agriculture applications.
  • Propane tank monitoring – LPG trucks (Asset tracking with remote tank level monitoring).
  • Fertilizer monitoring – Humidity, temperature inspection in fertilizer.
  • Complete monitoring and control solutions, company back-end connectivity.

 Our Origins:

Although incorporated in 2018, SENA Inc is headed by Mr. Naresh Patel, who was a co-founder and CEO of Micro-Design, Inc. (MDI) from 1981-2017.

Under Mr. Patel’s leadership, MDI became the Oil and Natural Gas industry “trail breaker” introducing remote “off the grid monitoring” and large scale-up and downstream natural gas compression. In 20XX Mr. Patel started SENA Puerto Rico to expand into another liquid monitoring market. As a result of both SENA’s successes and MDI’s shift away from the Oil and Natural Gas industries, Mr. Patel sold MDI in 2017 while keeping ownership of SENA Puerto Rico. Due to a high demand for his expertise by former Oil and Natural Gas customers, Mr. Patel decided to take SENA into the “gas patches” while pursuing the advancement in remote monitoring and tracking applications.

Since its incorporation in 2018, SENA World continues to offer industry-leading products designed to improve productivity, efficiency, and security. SENA’s products and services will generate  an exponential return on your investment. 

Our Structure:

SENA is consists of 5 companies and related aliases-

1.SENA World  LLC,

2.SENA  Corporation of Texas,

3.SENA  International Corporation,

4.SENA  Corporation of Puerto Rico and

5.SENA  Applications Pvt.Ltd.of.India.

All marketing of LCON, CNG, and other products are handled as follows:

SENA World-US, Canada, S.America and Europe

SENA Corporation of Puerto Rico-All of Caribbean

SENA Components Pvt.Ltd.-Middle East, Africa and Aisa

All parts and sub-components are manufactured and produced in India.

SENA is proud to have disabled veterans serving on its staff.

Dedicated Employees are:

US-Naresh Patel, John Rensel, Dmitri Tsinoi, DonFarchone.

Puerto Rico-Jose Rosado, Heriberto Cartagena, Ivan Cerezo, Ruben Cerezo.

India -Sagar Shinde, Ganesh Choudhary, Rashmi Sontakke, Pooja Mane,Diksha Zade.

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