• SENA Corporation (“Company”) is engaged in the CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) industry and also has products in the electronic industry.
  • The Company manufactures and sells all products in-house and does not buy and resell any products. All products are designed, manufactured, and deployed by SENA Corporation.
  • In the CNG industry, SENA builds Natural gas compressor packages and they range from small (16SCFM) to Large (more than 1600 SCFM). Pictures and details can be viewed at
  • SENA Corporation is also involved in the electronic industry and designs and manufactures Remote monitoring, tank level monitoring, Asset tracking, and several other products based on the application. These also can be viewed on the SENA website (
  • SENA Corporation has been in business since 2017 and MR. Naresh Patel (214-802-4982) has over 30years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry including CNG and Jobber markets.